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The College Soccer Prep staff is comprised of current and former professional and college coaches and players. As a result, our scouting reports carry weight. Professional, College and Prep School coaches respect our formulated opinion. The evaluations rate each player on a range of key attributes, and are a key source of data.

Players are rated in each of the four main areas of the game (technical, tactical, psychological and physical) with sub categories under each, aimed at giving a comprehensive and useful overall picture of each player and how they rate alongside their peers. 

How Do The Ratings/Scores Work?
The higher the score, the better the attribute for that player. The form should calculate a total automatically. 

5 Stars: Pro/College DI Starter

4 Stars: College DI Bench/College DII Starter

3 Stars: College DII Bench/College DIII Starter

2 Stars: College DIII Bench

1 Star: NOT a College Player

Our College Soccer Prep staff can also add any additional comments and pertinent information about each players. We make this useful information about the players attributes or characteristics, not how many goals they score. 

If you have an interest in having a College Soccer Prep Scouting Report prepared for you and shared with your interested colleges, contact us at

Example Scouting Report

College Soccer Prep Evaluation FILLED OUT_000001