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Matching You with the Correct School

The college search and application process is filled with a mix of emotions. While the idea of independence on the horizon is thrilling for most teenagers (and equally terrifying for their parents) the process itself can often be a major source of stress and anxiety within families. It feels incredibly long and confusing at the outset, yet inevitably rushed and chaotic as deadlines loom...and then the waiting begins!

At College Edge, our philosophy centers on our belief that the frenzy and immense stress typically associated with college selection is simply not the only way, and it is never the best way. We aim to make each student feel comfortable both with who they are and where they are headed well in advance of matriculating at a specific college or university. 

We advise students at all phases of the educational and college planning processes, beginning as early as middle school. However, it is ideal to begin meeting by fall of junior year to take advantage of all spring and summer opportunities related to college search and selection. We specialize in simplifying the entire college application process, allowing students to focus more on the real priorities: finding a few "best fit" schools, remaining focused in the classroom, and earning the grades it will take to be accepted!

Regardless of where your family may be starting on the road to college admission, College Edge will provide the college application help you truly need, from planning your first campus tour through submitting a stellar package and ultimately heading off to the best school for you.

We provide college planning guidance in both individual counseling sessions and small group workshops. College Edge can help students with college essay planning, including choosing a strong college essay topic.